Bachelor's Degree in Law + Bachelor's Degree in International Relations

This innovative double degree will allow you to acquire a comprehensive legal background while at the same time specialising in international law and politics, an essential part of today's globalised world

General information

  • Faculty of Law

    Faculty of Political Science and Sociology

  • Duration: 5 courses - 354 credits
  • Places: 20
  • Admission mark: 13,084
  • Price per credit: 17.69 euros
  • Language: Catalan, Spanish and English

  • Calendars
  • Learning mode: Classroom-based learning

This is one of the few double degrees in Law and International Relations to be offered at a prestigious public university as is the UAB. It has an exceptional interdisciplinary offer within its university campus and a strong focus on European and international mobility, as well as a clear commitment to English as a language of instruction in a great many of its subjects.

This double degree is for you if:

  • You are aware of the importance of defending rights and liberties, and justice.
  • You are interested in social, economic and political problems and challenges from a global and international viewpoint.
  • You would like to work on cases in which you defend the rights of people, businesses and public administrations.
  • You have a calling for public service and are interested in pursuing a career in the European Union or other international organisations.
  • You are interested in public institutions, particularly those in the international and/or European sector.
  • You would like to offer legal advice to administrations, NGOs or multinational companies acting at supranational levels.
  • You would like to represent public administrations, businesses and NGOs in international forums.
  • You are interested in providing legal assistance in international negotiations.

Career options

  • International organisations (United Nations, European Council) and supranational organisations (European Union).
  • Diplomatic corps.
  • Public administrations at every level with the will or need to engage in European and/or international policies or actions.
  • International associations, NGOs and lobbies or representatives working with EU institutions.
  • Working in any of the specialisations (civil, criminal, administrative, employment, fiscal, etc.) within the legal sector or as a legal assistant to the court.
  • As a legal professional in a variety of fields: judicature, public prosecutor, etc.

Mobility programmes


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