Bachelor's Degree in Sciences - UAB/UAM/UC3M

An original proposal for the crosscurricular training of experimental sciences, mathematics and engineering, with social and ethical perspectives that prepare you to meet the challenges of the 21st century head on

General information

The science of the 21st century seeks answers to complex problems in society through the joint forces of specialists from highly diverse fields and professionals with multidisciplinary training, capable of working with the interfaces of different areas of knowledge. These new times require open minds that are ready to face future intellectual challenges.

Are you interested in interface between research fields such as biophysics, nanoscience, materials science, environmental sciences and bioinformatics? Would you like to acquire transversal skills that will allow you to work in multidisciplinary professional environments?

The bachelor's degree in Science offers multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary training in the different fields of science starting on day one. In addition, you will discover different surroundings given that lectures are offered in Barcelona and Madrid: this is a project offered by the A4U universities (Aliança 4 Universitats).

If you are interested, you can also live with other students while at the UAB. The University reserves places at its Vila Universitària for students from the UAM and the UC3M enrolling in the subjects offered at the UAB.

You will be able to personalise your syllabus starting in the second semester of your second year. Plus, during your last two years, you will be able to enrol in one of the three specialisations or choose from a wide range of optional subjects.

Career options

  • Research centres and universities, technology transfer tasks, scientific communication and project management.
  • Scientific and technical services and research organisations.
  • Publishing, scientific communication and project management companies.
  • Positions in the public sector and in official organisms related to scientific policies and the analysis of scientific research and information.
  • Positions in the private sector related to R&D&i laboratories, quality control processes, marketing and sales, project management, human resources, strategic projects, etc.
  • Public and private teaching centres.


Currently, this degree does not have specific mobility grants or travel grants, other than those available for all other studies.


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