Study plan Bachelor's Degree in French Language and Culture - UAB/UB

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Title of qualification awarded

Bachelor's degree in French Language and Culture


Mornings and afternoons

Study plan information

Table of credits for each course

  Basic training Compulsory Optional Final Project
1st year 60      
2nd year 6 54    
3rd year   42 18  
4th year   30 24 6
Total 66 126 42 6

Period of study

The year is divided into semesters and teaching is shared by both universities responsible for the degree (the university where classes take place is indicated next to each subject on the schedule).

Part-time or full-time

Full-time dedication. Part-time option available.


Specialisation in Medieval Romance Cultures and Literatures

Basic and compulsory training

1st year (UB) 2nd year (UAB)
  • Introduction to the French Language
  • Use of Oral French
  • Latin
  • Literature
  • Catalan or Spanish
  • French Language I
  • Use of Written French
  • Political, Social and Cultural History of France
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Introduction to French Literature
  • French Language II
  • Techniques of Oral and Written Expression I
  • Great Works of French Literature I
  • French Phonetics and Phonology
  • French Morphosyntax
  • French Language III
  • Techniques of Oral and Written Expression II
  • Great Works of French Literature II
  • History of the French Language and its Literature
  • Semantics and Pragmatics of the French Language
3rd year (UAB) 4th year (UB)
  • Linguistics Applied to the Teaching of the French Language
  • Lexicology of the French Language
  • Practical Seminar of Expression in French I
  • Literature in French and Other Arts
  • Discourse Analysis in French
  • Practical Seminar of Expression in French II
  • Monograph Seminar on French Literature
  • Poetry in French: from the Praise of Beauty to its Denigration
  • French Literary Translation I
  • French Novel: Crisis of the Subject and his/her Representation
  • French Theatre: Laughing and Crying from Molière to Koltès
  • The Essay in France: History of Ideas I
  • Bachelor’s Degree Final Project

Optional subjects

3rd year (UAB) 4th year (UB)
  • Comparative French Linguistics
  • Methods of Phonetic Correction
  • French in Professional Surroundings
  • Large Myths of the French and Francophone Culture
  • Modern Language I (Basque, English, Galician, German, Italian, Modern Greek, Occitan, Portuguese, Romanian)
  • Modern Language II (Basque, English, Galician, German, Italian, Modern Greek, Occitan, Portuguese, Romanian)
  • French Oral Expression: Creative Workshop
  • Literary Translation in French II: Practical Seminar on Book Publishing
  • Analysis of French Texts
  • Techniques for Teaching French: the Classroom Experience
  • Political Scriptures in French: History of Ideas II
  • The Arts in France


3rd and 4th years (UAB or UB)
  • Work Placement I
  • Work Placement II
Specialisation in Medieval Romanesque and Literatures
  • Love, Lyrical Poetry and the Western World*
  • Adventure, Novel and Arthurian Tale*
  • Literature and Society in the Middle Ages*
  • Comparative Medieval Literatures**
  • Romantic Literature and Gender**
  • Romance Linguistics**


(*) Third-year subjects offered at the UAB.

(**) Fourth-year subjects offered at the UB.

All optional subjects are worth 6 credits.

Additional information

All optional subjects are not scheduled each year.