University Master's Degree in Media, Communication and Culture

Advanced training in research to understand and interpret the key role communication and culture plays in modern societies marked by digitalisation and globalisation

Teaching staff Official Master's Degree in Media, Communication and Culture

Course coordinator

Maria Corominas Piulats

List of teachers

Teacher Area Category Research
Carrillo Perez, Nereida Periodisme Professor/a Associat/ada Laboral Research
Chillon Asensio, Lluis Albert Periodisme Prof Titulars d'Universitat Research
Corominas Piulats, Maria Periodisme Prof Titulars d'Universitat Research
Díez Jiménez, Mercedes Periodisme Agregat/ada Contractat/ada Doctor/a Research
Fernandez Viso, Ana Periodisme Professor/a Associat/ada Laboral Research
Fernandez Alonso, Maria Isabel Periodisme Prof Titulars d'Universitat Research
Ferre Pavia, Maria del Carme Periodisme Prof Titulars d'Universitat Research
Gayà Morlà, Catalina Periodisme Professor/a Lector/a Research
Herrera Sánchez, Sonia Periodisme Professor/a Substitut/a Research
Marin Otto, Enric Periodisme Prof Titulars d'Universitat Research
Martori Muntsant, Aida Periodisme Professor/a Lector/a Research
Muntané Rodríguez, Isabel Periodisme Professor/a Substitut/a Research
Reales Guisado, Lluis Periodisme Professor/a Associat/ada Laboral Research
Soriano Clemente, Jaume Periodisme Prof Titulars d'Universitat Research

Teaching staff

The dual orientation of the Master's degree in Media, Communication and Culture - towards professional practice and towards research - is guaranteed by a team of PhDs with wide experience in the academic world, in journalism and in cultural and political management, who have come together to offer the most complete overview of the importance and impact of communication in the contemporary world.


Nereida Carrillo Pérez
Nereida Carrillo is a PhD in Journalism and Communication from the UAB and has been a professor at this university since 2013. She has specialized in the study of infotainment, misinformation and multimedia narratives. She is the author of the book El periodismo volátil, about infotainment, and Fake Over, about misinformation and digital verification. He has also taught at the URV, the UPF and the UOC. She is the founder of Learn to Check, an educational and outreach project to combat misinformation and bring digital verification and critical thinking with information closer to society.

Albert Chillón
Tenured lecturer at the UAB since 1991, his main lines of research are the study of communication in the media from an anthropological and philosophical viewpoint, and the comparative study of relations between literary cultures and media cultures, including journalism. He has written several works, including 'Literatura y periodismo. Una tradición de relaciones promiscuas' (1999) and 'La literatura de fets' (1993), in additional to the novel 'El horizonte ayer' (2009).

Maria Corominas Piulats
Full professor at the UAB since 1992. Department of Media, Communication and Culture. Her research has focused mainly y on communication structure and policies in the context of digitization, and on the relations between language policy and media policy. From 2007 to 2013, she was head of the Studies and Research Area of Catalan Audiovisual Council (CAC).

Mercè Díez
Associate Lecturer in the Department of Media, Communication and Culture since 2018. Her main line of research deals with structure and policies of communication, a field where she has worked on issues such as institutional advertising, communication groups, economy and financing of communication or public media. She has also conducted research about social use of information and communication technologies and sociology of journalistic profession. She is is a member of Daniel Jones Communication Structure and Policies Research Group, recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya as a consolidated research group in 2017.

Isabel Fernández Alonso
Senior lecturer in the Department of Media, Communication and Culture at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She is the head of the Daniel Jones Communication Structure and Policy Research Group. Her main research interests are the relations between political power and the media. Her most recent R+D+i project deals with ways of public funding for private media.

Ana Isabel Fernández Viso
Lecturer in the Department of Media, Communication and Culture at the UAB, she holds a PhD in Communication, a degree in Journalism and a degree in Political Science and Sociology. Her lines of research include the study of media systems and policies and communication for development, social change and global justice. She has worked for more than a decade as a journalist as well as a consultant for development cooperation projects in several countries. She currently combines university teaching and research with several communication for social change projects in Central America.

Carme Ferré
Tenured lecturer of the Department of Media, Communication and Culture at the UAB. Director of the research group in communication and social responsibility Comress-Incom UAB. Her lines of research are history of communication, communication and social responsibility, political communication, publishing, journals and style guides.

Catalina Gayà Morlà
Feminist. Serra Hunter Fellow of the Department of Media, Communication and Culture (UAB). Researcher for the Comress Social Responsibility and Communication Research Group and the Narrative thought and action group on Culture and Communication. Member of the research group Body and Textuality. Lines of research: the de-patriarchalization of hegemonic narratives and the boundaries between ethnographic methodology and journalistic narrative. Director of a study for the Balearic Institute of Women about the perceptions of 14 to 18 years old with regards to sexism and equality (2018). Director of Dona'm la Mar, a Barcelona Maritime Museum project focused on how to incorporate women into their narratives (2019-2020). Director of La remor de la memòria (2021), a participatory community project for the Mallorcan Maritime Museum. Director of Tros de Dona, a project to despatriarchalize the narrative of the Carulla Foundation Rural Museum (2021-2022).

Sonia Herrera Sánchez
PhD in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising in the field of audiovisual studies with a gender perspective from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). She specialises in peace journalism, educommunication and feminist analysis of the media, with special emphasis on cinema and television fiction. She is a lecturer in the Media, Communication and Culture Department in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and in the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). She is also a member of GAME, a research group at the UOC and GLOBALCODES, another research group at the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations from the  Ramon Llull University (Barcelona). She is a member of several networks and associations: the Ibero-American Network of Audiovisual Narratives (INAV); the network “Dones Visuals”; the Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media (CIMA); and the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Aida Martori Muntsant
Lecturer at the Department of Media, Communication and Culture at the UAB, a member of the Daniel Jones Research Group in Communication Structure and Policies, and part of the work team of the VALCOMM R&D&I project. Her research areas are: public service media, local media, digitalization and transmedia. She has been a visiting scholar at the University of Glasgow and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a visiting professor at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She has received research awards from the Audiovisual Council of Catalonia and the Catalan Regional Press Association.

Isabel Muntané Rodríguez
Graduated in journalism from the UAB and specialized in feminist communication. Master in Women's, Gender and Citizenship Studies and studies in the transversality of gender and women in public policies. Coordinator of the Postgraduate and Master's in Gender and Communication at the UAB. She collaborates in different media and is a substitute teacher at the Faculty of Communication Sciences and the Degree in Sociocultural Studies of Gender at the UAB.

Lluís Reales
Associate Professor in the Department of Media, Communication and Culture since 2004. Director and co-host of the Terrícoles program, at betevé (from September 2013 to 2019). Director and presenter of Deuwatts, Breathe, and Einstein programs on the beach. Director and co-screenwriter, with Albert García Espuche, of the documentary Barcelona 1700: the city of Born, by betebé. Winner of the Ecolicat Journalistic Award 2017 for the Terrícoles program, Winner of the ATLL water journalism award (2017) for the Deuwatts program. Winner, with Joana Díaz, of the 2019 Montserrat Roig journalistic research award.

Jaume Soriano
Tenured lecturer at the UAB since 2008. His current lines of research are critical internet studies and research methodology in communication. He has also worked and published on gender and communication and on critical discourse analysis.

David Vidal
Tenured lecturer at the UAB. He specialised in the study of journalism genres and writing from the perspective of hybrid narrative of fiction and non-fiction, as well as epistemological reflections applied to journalism. He directed the project MèdiaQuiosc at the arts centre of Santa Mònica in Barcelona. He wrote the book 'La entrevista en radio, televisión y prensa', published by Cátedra. In 2003, his essay 'El malson de Chandos' won the XV Prize in Research into Mass Communication by the Audiovisual Council of Catalonia, and in 2006 he won the Lleida Prize in Narrative for his documentary novel 'La fulla a punt de caure'.