Upon arrival at the UAB

Upon arrival at the UAB

Upon arrival at the UAB you will need to:


Begin your courses (starting date: approximately 12th September (1st semester), approximately 11th February (2nd semester)

We advise you to start courses even if you are not registered.
You will find the information on classrooms on the webpage of the faculty.

Enrolment First week of september (1st semester) First week of February (2nd semester). You must get an appointment (we will send you an e-mail with the information) Timetable: 10-13 (mornings)

At the end of July (1st semester)/ at the end of December (2nd semester) we will send you and e-mail with the Dossier
 for exchange students. If you have not received this Dossier contact us at intercanvis.lletres@uab.cat

Documents required for registration:

• Photocopy of your passport/ identity document
• Photocopy of your medical insurance (except for SICUE students). European Sanitary Card it's ok.

Please remember that, when you arrive at the UAB you will meet with your Exchange Coordinator, he / she must sign your Learning Agreement (LA).