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  • UAB-specific Master's Degree
  • Code: 4007/3
  • 3rd edition
  • Modality: Online
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Start date: 04/10/2021
  • Finish date: 30/09/2022
  • Places: 30
  • Orientation: Research
  • Price: 4800 €
  • Special price 4320 €
    Group of application: ALUMNI UAB Premium+
  • Teaching language: Spanish
  • Location: On line
The Master's Degree in Business Law awarded by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), an online course, is a study programme designed to provide both advanced knowledge in the field of Law as well as the skills to understand and demonstrate knowledge acquired so as to intervene in the ambits of business, commerce and business.
Business Law is a well-established and recognised disciplinary field with teaching programmes in many higher-education institutions throughout the world, its own media of communication, and broad recognition both professionally and in the field of legal research and higher education. Over the last decade, Business Law has challenged and, to a certain extent, weakened the existing boundaries among disciplines.
More accurately, it would be correct to say that the guidelines that have redefined Business Law have been constructed within a somewhat heterogeneous framework (configured around multiple contributions and areas of knowledge) to the extent that the discipline has now become a point of articulation and the focus of reference for very distinct fields of knowledge. This has undoubtedly contributed to the transdisciplinary nature that has become the cornerstone of the various perspectives that are now reflected in Business Law.
Each year, the programme coordination receives a considerable number of requests for information from foreign students interested in the Master's Degree in Business Law that has been held as an attendance-based programme in El Salvador since 2009 (to the present day).

Career opportunities

The UAB Master's Degree in Business Law of the UAB is not limited to the formal education and training areas of research; rather, it aims to establish itself as a setting for exchange and connections both for training and for mutual benefit through direct contact with qualified legal research, business and legal professions. Its underlying principle is that of training competent researchers, guaranteeing their research competence, rather than the simple promotion of an accumulation of knowledge. Professional opportunities include the following:
- University teaching
- Specialised legal advice and/or functions of qualified research within the field of Business Law.
- Public administration and the judiciary.


UAB masters and graduate diplomas may include or facilitate external academic internships in companies or institutions in order to help the student to achieve a level of expertise that facilitates the insertion or promotion in the workplace.

For this study programme non-curricular (optional) internships are possible:

  • Non-curricular
    As a UAB student, you have access to the University occupation portal, the Occupability Service, through which you can participate in selection processes for non-curricular practices as well as getting a contract. In both cases, you need to sign up to the Nexus application.

Scholarships and financial aid

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Coordinating centres

Departamento de Derecho Privado


Eliseo Sierra Noguero

Phone: 935812224

Programme's Website

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