Quality policy


The Area of Research, Transfer and Innovation of the UAB, with the aim of satisfying the needs of its users and all other interested parties (including the UAB community as a whole, other universities and society in general), and within the framework of the law and the regulations of the university itself, has a quality management system integrated with the UAB's internal quality assurance system. This system comprises both the mission, vision and values and the quality objectives themselves.

The mission of the Area of Research, Transfer and Innovation is the following.

  • To promote and manage the R&D+I capacities and activities of the UAB by lending support to the execution of policies and strategic projects drafted by the corresponding vice-rectors, by applying quality criteria to manage the processes in this area effectively and efficiently, by propelling the internationalisation of the university's research groups and by facilitating the transfer of knowledge to local communities and businesses.

The vision it aspires to is the following.

  • To transform the Area of Research, Transfer and Innovation into a benchmark provider of information, advisory and management services that supports the research, internationalisation and knowledge-transfer activities of the whole UAB community.
  • To turn the Area of Research, Transfer and Innovation into a champion of the culture of quality based on user-oriented services.
  • To offer the professionals working in the Area of Research, Transfer and Innovation a work environment that helps them to face these challenges, by offering opportunities, incentives and training that will facilitate creativity, the exploration of new organisational approaches and the development of innovative services to meet the demands of present and future users.

The Area of Research, Transfer and Innovation aims to foster the following values.

  • Integrity
  • Person-based leadership.
  • Respect, through a policy of information transparency in all directions.
  • Tolerance of failure: a culture that does not penalise failure, and thus encourages innovation through risk-taking.
  • Fostering teamwork, by communicating values and setting an example.

Given all the above, the university's deputy executive administrator for research commits to:

  • providing the necessary human and material resources to maintain the quality management system and achieve the quality objectives;
  • fulfilling the requirements of the organisation and its users;
  • continuously improving the efficiency of the quality management system, following UAB standards and helping each team member to be a source of benefits to users and of opportunities for the group.
  • communicating both the policy on quality and its objectives and annually reviewing the content of this policy to ensure it is continuously updated.

Iván Martínez Flores
Deputy executive administrator for research

2023 March 9th