Knowledge transfer and innovation

Commitment to socialize science, technology and innovation

UAB is an innovative public university with a clear commitment to the socialisation of science, technology and innovation. The University promotes and manages research and knowledge transfer in such a way that the generation and dissemination of new knowledge is compatible with its protection and transfer to the productive fabric.

Knowledge protection

Protect the results of scientific and technological research so that they can be transferred to the productive sector

New results to be protected

Technology watch platform


Valorisation of research

Support for the maturation of research and its results with the aim of bringing them closer to and transferring them to society

Proof of concept

Research Calls Portal

Documents & guides


Knowledge transfer

Promotion of the portfolio of knowledge and technologies and search for companies interested in the exploitation of research results.

Technological portfolio



Innovation ecosystem

Knowledge Transfer and Valorization of Research Office

Office responsible of the management of the University's industrial property, from the patent application to the promotion and collection of funding to enhance these results, and the transfer of research results through licensing.



Support to boost the entrepreneurial spirit of the entire university community. From training in basic skills, validation of the idea, development of the project, to the creation of the company and its acceleration.


Connection with industry

The UAB Research Park connects researchers with companies to bring research to society and help introduce knowledge-based innovation in small and medium-sized companies.

Communities Oriented to Strategic Challenges

Networks of research, generators of knowledge, formed by research centres and groups from the UAB, as well as agents of the territory involved in solving strategic challenges.


Open innovation laboratories

The UAB Open Labs are open innovation spaces where students, researchers and local agents can collaborate through the use of digital technologies.


Campus Living Lab

The UAB campus is a perfect ecosystem to develop and experiment new solutions, products or services in collaboration with users and other relevant actors.


Scientific and technical services

The laboratories and support services offered by the university are structured to aid sectors in their research, innovation and knowledge transfer.


TECNIO groups

Developers of the most innovative technologies, with differential technological capabilities and the ability to transfer them to the company.