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UAB Research Virtual Office

Research procedures you can do online.

Management of scientific production

EGRETA                  SCV-ACV

ORCID                      DDD

Support for the accreditation and evaluation of research

Support for the accreditation and evaluation of research. Resources to evaluate scientific publications for accreditations, productivity supplement (six-year periods) and merits in research of ANECA, AQU and CNEAI and also information about the personalized advice service for the PDI.  

Ethics and biosafety in experimentation

Ethics. Research Ethics Committee 

Biosafety. Biosafety Committee

Portal of Research Grants

List of Calls for Research Grants (own, national and international) and announcements of interest on them.

Scholarly communication

The cycle of Scholarly Communication integrates resources and information to help authors with the creation of their scientific publications in order to disseminate the results of research, and also with the subsequent management of scientific production.

Internal audits of laboratories and services

Results of the internal audits carried out periodically by the Quality Assurance Unit in the laboratories and services of the UAB that need to evaluate the quality with which they work.

Research Newsletter

Newsletter on information and resources for research. Sign up for the research and transfer area newsletter.

Conferences Organization

Conferences & Events UAB Campus is the service provided by the University to manage the meetings and conferences of whomever wishing to organize their event in the UAB.