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3Q: Paul Spence

Paul Spence is Senior Lecturer at King's College London, where he has twice acted as Head of Department for what is the only academic department of digital humanities in the world. Paul Spence has worked as a journalist, has an academic background in Spanish and Latin American studies and is an expert in digital...

3Q: Alejandro García-Reidy

Alejandro García Reidy was the one to discover a manuscript copy of Mujeres y criados (Women and Servants), a comedia by Lope de Vega. He is Assistant Professor at Syracuse University and researcher of the PROLOPE Group of the UAB, where he also is professor of the PhD programme in Spanish Studies.

In the XVIth century the greek myths were in fashion. Lope de Vega wrote a compendium of mythological comedies. Thanks to the literacy capacity of this playwright this work is outstanding. In our epoch, Agustí Sánchez Aguilar, in his doctoral thesis, submerged in this work to analyze the artistic strategies that fused the myth and other...

Mites grecs en clau llatina: les faules de Lope de Vega