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3Q Juan Antonio Cordero

Juan Antonio Cordero holds a PhD in Telecomunications from the École Polytechnique (Paris) and a degree in Mathematics from the UPC (Barcelona). He was also a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Louvain anmd is currently professor at the École polytechnique de Palaiseau, Paris. His research...

NEO: A Tailor-Made Video Game

Researchers from the Centre for Ambient Accessibility of Catalonia, the UAB Engineering School and the CIPO psychology team have created a video game to strengthen the cognitive and motor skills of people with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders.

Engineering ethics in the twenty-first century

Researchers at the UAB's Department of Information and Communications Engineering and at the UOC have tried to answer the question: what should the ethics of engineering be in today's world, which is so dependent on technology but at the same time so concerned about the...