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The UAB's strategic commitment to MOOC

UAB entered the MOOC world seeking for consistency with its strategic plan. As stated in this plan, there is an aim to transfer scientific, technological, cultural and educational knowledge through quality teaching, as well as a clear international vision.

In this context, UAB considers MOOC are a way to achieve these goals, and after analyzing various alternatives, decided to enter Coursera, where the University operates since March 2013. In just over three years, the Autonomous University of Barcelona has become a reference in the world MOOC, both at Spanish and European level. Significantly, it is the only public university in the state that is inside this platform, where we can find only top-ranked universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Yale or Caltech for instance.

The range of courses reflects the diversity of studies at UAB. In this sense, courses such as Egiptología, Pre-cálculus, Corrección, estilo y variaciones de la lengua española, Primeros Auxilios Psicológicos, Sistemas digitales: de las puertas lógicas al procesador, Detección de objetos, Clasificación de imágenes, English for Teaching Purposes o Patrocinio Deportivo are being offered successfully. Among these 59 courses, five of them belong to the specialization Diseño y creación de videojuegos and four to the specialization Big Data. You can find the corrent UAB course portfolio at Data regarding enrollments show that the UAB courses at Coursera register more than 2,500,000 enrollments.