PhD Thesis defenses

Defense of doctoral dissertation

Monday, November 28 2022


Metabolic engineering of Pichia pastorisfor 3-hydroxypropionic acid production from glycerol, by Albert Fina Romero

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Q1/0005 Graduation Hall - School of Engineering


Design of a Front-End ASIC for a fully integrated ultrsound PMUT array in CMOS, by Iván Zamora Diaz-Comas

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Graduation Hall II( C5/1068 )-Faculty of Science and Biosciences(Videoconference: to participate as a public and to be able to make interventions, if you are a doctor, you must request it at


Nuevos horizontes en la epidemiología, clínica, tratamiento y cribado de la infección por el virus de la hepatitis C en la era de los antivirales de acción directa, by Jordi Llaneras Artigues

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Classroom 114 (WS/111) - Educational Unit Vall d¿Hebron


"Who has timeto be green? The double dividend under bounded rationality and time constraints", by Franziska Klein

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Z/023 Antoni Rosell Hall - Science Institute and enviromental technology


Responding to New Synthetic Opioids: A Multicentre Approach, by María Alías i Ferri

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Charles Darwin Hall- Institut Hospital del Mar d¿investigacions Mèdiques (IMIM) ¿Edifici PRBB


"Cap a una Superlliga europea? La desigualtat econòmica i mediàtica i el desequilibri competitiu en l'era del futbol global", by Jordi Badia Perea

Defense of doctoral dissertation - Graduation Hall - Faculty of Communication Studies