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E2nhance Project

What is E2NHANCE?

E2NHANCE is a higher learning cooperation and mobility programme aimed at promoting the exchange of students and academic staff between universities in Europe and universities of the Lote 21 (Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama).

What does the E2NHANCE project offer?
Those chosen to take part in the programme will participate in an academic mobility programme in one of the member universities during a maximum of:

European members
Doctoral studies: 6 months
Post-doctoral studies: 6 months
Academic staff: 1-2 months

Colombian, Costa Rican and Panamanian members:
Undergraduate:10 months
Master: 22 months
Doctoral studies: 6 - 32 months
Post-doctoral studies: 6 months
Academic staff: 1 month

The programme offers exchanges in all areas of studies offered at the participant universities.

E2NHANCE covers all travel and insurance expenses, and grants a monthly aid to the students or staff participating in the exchange programme:
1,000 euros for undergraduate and master's degree students
1,500 euros for doctoral students
1,800 euros for post-doctoral students
2,500 euros for academic staff

Who can participate?
The programme is available to candidates in the countries belonging to one of the following groups:

Candidates from Lote 21 member countries. (TGs):
TG 1: Students and academic staff from one of the collaborating universities. All higher learning levels are included.

TG 2: Citizens of Lote 21 countries with a university degree or equivalent from a higher learning centre which does not belong to any of the collaborating universities.

TG 3: Citizens of Lote 21 countries who for political, economic or health reasons find themselves in a vulnerable position. For example: refugees or political asylum-seekers; unjustified expulsion from university for racial, ethnic, religious, political or sexual reasons.

European members: candidates may only belong to the TG1 group.

If you are interested in participating please contact the project secretary:
or visit the following website: